by: Ben and Chris
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Gamma Sagittarii- denominated Nash, spectral class is K, absolute magnitude is 3.63, distance 96 Light years away. Its the 3rd magnitude star in the constellation. It has names of Alnasl and Nushaba. Alnasl is Arobic for arowhead.
Delta Sagittarii- denominated Kaus Meridinialis, spectral clas is K, absolute magnitude is 2.70, 306 light years away. It has a luminosity of 1180 times the sun.The radius of Delta Sgr is 62 times solar while its mass is about 5 times the solar mass. it has the traditional name kaus meridionalis.
Sagittarius is a summer constellation
It can be seen June through August and into early September
Right ascension 19H
Declination -25 degrees
Sagittarius is a centaur which means he is half Archer, half-man, and half-horse. This creature was a famed centaur who was educated by the Sun-god Apollo and Diana (Goddess of the Moon and Wild Animals). He was kind, gentle, and wise with many skills and wisdom that was widely known. Sagittarius represents the centaur Chiron who was the most gifted centaur. He was an excellent archer, musician, and he tutored Achilles and Hercules. While he was training Hercules (who was the son of Zeus) he was accidently shot with a poisoned tipped arrow that was soaked in hydra blood which caused Chiron intense pain. The poison was so great that Chiron couldn't heal himself and being immortal he couldn't find peace in death. So instead of suffering forever he offered himself as a substitute for Promethius who was punished by the gods by giving man fire. So Hercules agreed to let Chiron switch places with Promethius and chiron gave up his immortality and was sent to Tartarus and chained to a rock forever. According to another myth, Sagittarius is poised and ready to shoot an arrow through the heart-star of Scorpio if he tried to do any harm to anyone.
[ Cathy Bell]
January is the month the sun passes sagittarius
Sagittarius is at 51 degrees north latitude
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