Capricornus: lilian

symbol capricornus

The sea goat.

It’s stars
Myths linked to the constellation often try to link two different legends together; a Babylonian legend tells of an ancient god with a human upper body and the tail of a fish who emerged from the sea to bring knowledge and culture to humans. In the ancient civilizations of that time, the winter solstice was the "bottom" of the Sun's ecliptic. From there it rose again as the seasons progressed toward summer. Thus capricornus may have been associated from with legends and rituals of annual sacrifice, renewal, and nourishment. The second legend in Greek mythology says the constellation was variously associated with the gate through which the souls of the dead passed, and with a myth in which the god Pan (who had a lower half goat body, a human torso and a head with goat horns) tried to escape the monster Typhon by jumping into the ocean. Since he couldn’t decide on what animal to be, he became part fish (his lower half) and part goat (upper half).