Alonna & Matt
Symbol:The Great Bear
2 major stars: Megrez & Mizar
Megrez: Delta
  • The Root of the Tail
  • Distance-
  • Spectral Class- A3
  • Abosolute Magnitude- 3.4
  • Pale yellow star. The faintest star of the Big Dipper. Twice the mass of the Sun. 20 times more luminous than the Sun.

Dubhe: Alpha
  • Back of the Great Bear
  • Distance- 124
  • Spectral Class- K0
  • Absolute Magnitude- 2.0
  • Second-brightest star. 10° from Megrez. Abbreviation of the Arabians' Thahr al Dubb al Akbar.

Right Ascension: 10.67 hours

Declination: 50 degrees

Latitudes: 90 and -30 degrees

Artemis, after taking a vow chastity and eternal virginity, forced her maidens into the same chaste lifestyle. Callisto, daughter of King Lycaon, was one of her maidens. When Artemis found that Callisto had been seducced by Zeus and was pregnant she took her revenge by turning Callosto into a bear. As the goddess of the hunt Artemis planned to hunt down and kill Callisto in her bear form but Zues took pity on Callisto and sent her into the heavens to keep her from harm.

The Great Bear