TAURUS By: John, Alex, and Bromar

Abbreviation: Tau
Symbol: taurus.jpg
Two Major Stars

  • Aldebaran
    1. Nickname : Alpha Tauri, The Bull's Eye
    2. Distance : 65 light years away
    3. Spectral Class : K5III
    4. Absolute Magnitude : -0.63
    5. Description: Aldebaran is the brightest star of Taurus. It is an orange giant star and one of the easiest stars to find in the night sky. Its diameter is 44.2 times the diameter of our sun
  • Alnath
    1. Nickname : Beta Tauri, The Bull's horns
    2. Distance : 130 light years away
    3. Spectral Class : B7III
    4. Absolute Magnitude : -1.34
    5. Description: Alnath is the second brightest star of Taurus. Relative to our sun, Alnath has a significant amount of manganese. Alnath's luminosity is 700 times the luminosity of solar light.
Season: Spring
Dates of the Year to view: ~November 30 in the night sky
RIght Ascension: 4h
Declination: 15°
Latitudes: +90° and -65°.


The Great History of Taurus the Bull
The bull's horns was a graceful symbol in many cultures for a few thousand years, and even so today. They symbolize wealth, prosperity, and great success. The bull's horns were small, but beautiful in many people's eyes. Many thought it to be a work of art and more polished and shiny than any jewel. In Greek mythology, it is said that Zeus fell in love with Europa, the daughter of King Agenor. In order to impress her, Zeus transformed into a great white bull. She was amazed by the bull and decided to take care of it. They played together on the beach when Europa finally decided to ride it. To her surprise, the bull suddenly rode off and carried her to Crete. There, Zeus revealed his true self. They end up having 3 sons, one being the popular figure, Minos. (sources: http://www.dibonsmith.com/tau_con.htm, http://comfychair.org/~cmbell/myth/taurus.html)
Zeus taking Europa to Crete