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Leo's Symbol
Leo's Symbol
Laura and Erin

Abbreviation: Leo

Stars within Leo:
Alternate star connections
Alternate star connections

  • Regulus (alpha Leo) HIP 49669
    Absolute Magnitude: -0.53
    Spectral Type: B7V
    Distance: 77.49 light years
Regulus is the 25th brightest star in our sky. It is actually a four star system. There are 3 main sequence stars and another that is probably a white dwarf layered on top of each other, so they seem like one star to us.

  • Denebola(beta Leo) HIP 57632
Absolute Magnitude: 1.88
Spectral Type: A3Vvar
Distance: 36.18 light years
Denebola is the tip of Leo's tail. Its luminosity varies slightly over a time period of a few hours. The star has a high rate of rotation that causes it to have an equatorial bulge.

Spring Constellation
Best Viewed: April (~9 PM)
RA: 11h
DEC:+15 degreesVisible at latitudes between 90 and -65 degrees
The sun passes through Leo in the month of August.

There are a few stories that are said to contain Leo the lion. The first is the story of Hercules. A lion (Leo) was terrorizing a town and eating people and sheep. Hercules was told to kill it, but the lion's flesh was unable to be punctured by stone or metal. Hercules proceded to strangle the lion to death and skin it with one of its own claws. A second story is the story of Thisbe and Pyramus. These two lovers planned to meet at a certain tree, but Thisbe was startled by a lion that had just made a kill and dropped her veil, which the lion caught. Pyramus saw the bloody cloth and believed his love to be dead. Then he killed himself, and she took the sword from his dead body and killed herself too. Zeus placed her veil in the sky (Coma Berenices), which is located near the constellation Leo.
(Story by Kathy Miles, http://starryskies.com/The_sky/constellations/leo.html)

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