1. Draco
  2. Dra
  3. the Dragon
Cat's Eye Nebula


  • Alpha Draconis
  • Thuban
  • 330 light-years
  • A
  • 3.6
  • It was at one point the Pole Star, and used by the Egyptians. It is a white giant star, 250x larger than ours. It is a bianary star.

  1. Circumpolar
  2. Circumpolar
  3. 17h
  4. +65 degrees
  5. All of them

Draco is among the earliest of the constellations to have been defined. The ancient Egyptians called it Tawaret, named for the goddess of the northern sky. She was considered ever-vigilant because the constellation never set. She was depicted a fierce protective goddess whose body was part crocodile, human, lioness, and hippopotamus. The Greeks named it Draco the dragon. Draco represents Ladon, the dragon who guards the golden apples of the Hesperidies. In another Greek legend, Draco is the dragon killed by Cadmus.


It is Circumpolar.

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