1. Canis Major: Taylor & Jessica
2. CMa
3.external image CanisMajor.png
4. Sirius and Adhara
-Canis Major
- The Great Dog
- 8.7 light years away
- Spectral Class M
- Absolute Magnitude of -1.5
- Red Hypergiant Star, one of the most luminous, and the largest star known.
6. Viewing season: Winter
7. Best seen in: February, 9:00 pm
8. Right Ascension: 6.86 hours.
9. Declination: -22.0 degrees
10. Visible Latitudes: 60 degrees thru -90 degrees
11. Since ancient times, Canis Major has been thought to be Orion's dog. The Great Dog, Canis Major is always pursuing the Hare, Lepus. Canis Major is also associated with Orion's other dog, Canis Minor. Orion's belt stars point to Sirius, the Dog Star. Sirius is considered the nose of Canis. Sirius is it's own forthright and one of the brightest stars. Ancient Egyptians used the rise of the constellation to predict the rise and fall of the Nile. This constellation has been a large part of Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese mythology. The Great Dog follows Orion and never leaves his side. The Great Dog can be viewed in the winter months.

14. http://www.allthingsscience.com/video/710/Largest-Star-Hypergiant-in-our-galaxy-VY-Canis-Majoris

The Great Dog