Abbreviation- Cnc

Symbol- Crab

Major Stars- Beta Cancri and Alpha Cancri

Beta Cancri
  • Sometimes called Altarf, this star is an orange giant
  • Lies 290 light-years from Earth.
  • Spectral class "K"
  • Absolute Magnitude of -1.25
  • It also has the traditional name Altarf, also known as al-Tarf (Arabic for "the End" or "the tip"). Its the brightest star and has a fourth magnitude. It actually shines (accounting for a fair bit of infrared radiation) 660 times brighter than our Sun.

Alpha Cancri
  • Sometimes referred to as Acubens
  • Has a distance of 174 light years from Earth
  • A spectral class of A5m
  • Have a absolute magnitude of 0.6296
  • The name Acubens means "claws" in Arabic. It is thought that α Cancri A may itself be a close binary, with two stars of simliar birghtness.

  • Constellation can be viewed during the winter which is not circumpolar
  • In mid of april Cancer can be observed best in the evening at about 20 h local time between the constellations Leo and Gemini.
  • Right Ascension: 9 Hours
  • Declination 20.15 degrees