Please include the following information for you selected page and constellation.
  1. Name of your constellation & students first names only.
  2. 3 letter abreviation of constellation
  3. Symbol
  4. Identify the names of 2 major stars within your constellation.
  5. Give the following information for both of these stars:
    • Name of star (number)
    • Translation (nickname)
    • Distance
    • Spectral Class
    • Absolute Magnitude
    • Brief Description of other characteristics (@ least 3 sentances)
  6. What season your constellation can be viewed (or if it’s circumpolar)
  7. The dates of the year you can view your constellation. (Unless you chose a circumpolar constellation)
  8. Right ascension
  9. Declination
  10. Visable between what latitudes on Earth? (if applicable)
  11. Brief history of the "story" of your constellation in your own words. (@ least 10 sentences) You must also include the web site or book name and author from which you received your information.
  12. Constellation symbol. (If applicable)
  13. Month the sun passes in the constellation. (If applicable)
  14. @ least 3 photos of your constellation (extra credit for any video)