BY: Jamar & Saul
Name: Aquila (Latin for Eagle)
Abv: Aql

Main Stars:

Altair (The Bird): Brightest star in the constellation
Spectral type: A7V
Mass: 1.79
Radius: 1.63 to 2.03
Distance:16.77 ± 0.08 LightYears
Luminosity: 10.6
Absolute Mag.:2.21
Temperature: 6900 to 8500

Alshain (The Paragrine Falcon): a multiple star system with
three components
Spectral Type: G8 IV
Mass: 1.3
Radius: 3.1
Distance:44.7 ± 0.5 Light Years
Absolute Mag.: 3.03
Temperature: 5100K

Aquila Facts:
  • marks a vertex of the summer triangle
  • can be viewed on early eveningns in september
  • RA: 20 hours
  • Declination: 5degrees
  • Visible between latitudes 85 and -75

Brief History:
Located in between Sagittarius and Cygnus, Altair, its brightest star, forms the south end of the Summer Triangle. It moves westward across the night sky, followed by Cygnus. The eagle sets tail first followed by the swan diving beak first below the horizon.

Aquila was awarded a place among the stars by Zeus for years of faithful service.